FREE guide to eat what you love guilt-free

Stop cycling through restriction and overindulging. Find out how to eat consistently and feel your best all the time.

What you’ll get out of the #NutritiouslyConsistent Checklist:

Do you feel like you restrict the foods you eat from Monday to Friday and then as soon as the weekend hits, you give in to your cravings and go way off track? By the end of the weekend you are in digestive distress, feeling bloated and guilty about your food choices over the past couple of days. 

I’ve been there. I did this for years, and finally reached the point where I was so sick of the cycle that I needed to try something new. 

Finding ways to automate your nutrition is the crucial key to successfully navigate any situation when it comes time to eat. 

Clients have been excited to learn an approach that leaves them guilt free and able to enjoy social engagements without worrying about what will be on the menu and how to handle it. 

This guide will give you the tools you need to navigate everyday life as well as any social function without deprivation, and still indulge in the treats you love intentionally on a regular basis. 

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I'm Emily, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. For years I struggled with yo-yo dieting, always looking for the next quick fix to get me to where I thought I needed to be, only to feel crushing guilt every time I overindulged on foods that I didn't normally allow myself to eat. 

There is a better way. You can optimize your health and get the results you want using simple strategies that are realistic and help you maintain consistency even when eating out. 

My mission is to teach women to be comfortable in their own skin and make empowered choices to be consistent with eating healthfully, all while still enjoying regular indulgences. 

I can't wait for you to get started! 

Who is the #NutritouslyConsistent Checklist for?

This checklist is for women who are tired of struggling to stay consistent with the way they eat.

These women are done with the crash dieting, the obsessing over what to eat, and the resulting guilt after overindulging.

They want to automate their nutrition so they no longer have to stress over every snack, meal and social engagement. 

There is no need for a meal plan. Meal plans are short-term solutions, and the goal is to find a way to eat for LIFE with some investigation on your part.

Perfection is an unattainable goal. Consistency is a practice, and the more you experiment with what works for you, the more you will learn about yourself and how your body responds. 

Don’t wait, find a way to be consistent with your nutrition.