...an Inside-Out Method To Your Body's Healthy Blueprint That Will Last a Lifetime

Do you feel.....

Overwhelmed and frustrated by lack of results? 

Tired of feeling like your body is fighting you, having digestive and hormonal issues you don't know where to even begin to fix, and running on a treadmill of life that shows no sign of letting up?  

Uncomfortable in your own skin, and feeling as though you are failing and lack willpower? 

What if you were able to figure out YOUR customized body blueprint?

Once we've made sure we're a good fit to work together, you can choose your payment method below!

US Pricing

Save $151 USD when paid in full

Four equal payments of $387 USD, paid monthly

Canadian Pricing

Save $191 CAD when paid in full

Four equal payments fo $497 CAD, paid monthly

The discrepancy between USD and CAD represents the current conversion rate and is subject to change.

Imagine if you felt...

Confident in your own skin and glowing inside and out. 

Clear on knowing YOUR body and exactly what it needs. 

Totally comfortable eating foods that you love without stressing over calories, timing, and type. Want a doughnut? Glass of wine? Chocolate? You can work that in. Zero stress, guilt or bullshit. 

Fully functional when *that* time of the month rolls around. The dreaded PMS becomes no big deal, and you know how to eat and rest to feel your best and get those hormones in check.

Empowered to figure out what works best for YOUR body. It's powerful to be completely comfortable knowing exactly what works for you and what doesn't. 

Energized for all the activities you actually enjoy. No midafternoon slump that has you searching for a nap, the vending machine, or both. 

Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm a Holistic Nutritionist and women's lifestyle coach, and years ago I was overtraining and exhausted from chasing down every new diet that popped up. To top it off, major hormonal difficulties and digestive issues were a big problem for me and I was incredibly frustrated from not seeing any results. 

After doing some research and using myself to experiment on, I started figuring out that there is a right way to eat for each of us, and it’s going to look different for every single person. Not only that, but this whole "healthy lifestyle" thing means a LOT more than just what we're eating.  

After spending years in sales in the corporate world, I've made the leap to nutrition and lifestyle coaching full-time because I am SO passionate about helping women take back their energy, manage their stress, and figure out how to eat...for LIFE. 

Here's what you need to know about me: I'm not particularly special. I don't have ironclad willpower, perfectly prepped meals or hours to spend each day cooking or working out. 

Instead, I've figured out how to problem solve and work closely with each of my clients to help them master their mindset to have the confidence to take action and get un-stuck. 

My belief is that small, simple changes add up fast to BIG results. I've seen it over and over again, and trying to do an overhaul of our entire lives overnight (or every Monday...sound familiar?) is not going to get you anywhere. 

Most importantly, I have a very direct approach and will tell you what you need to hear in order to start shifting your mindset, your body, and your lifestyle. No beating around the bush, because you have bigger, more important things in life that you need to be spending your precious time and energy on

16 Weeks and Change that Lasts a Lifetime Using Internal Mapping Method


Levelling up your health isn't for the faint of heart. It takes commitment and working from the ground up so you can create lasting changes that will shift how you life your life, and it's going to require change from the inside out.

I look at all aspects of the body, nervous system, lifestyle and long-held beliefs you may have held for years to help you get everything into alignment.  


This is where the REAL change happens, and is the first module because this is the root of what's holding you back. Master your mindset, and the body will follow. Body image, confidence, self esteem, and finally learning to love and appreciate what you see in the mirror. 


Finally figuring out how to have more energy, manage your digestion, fix your hormones, stop suffering from PMS, make your skin glow, and eat in a way that keeps you AND your body happy. 

All while still eating chocolate. BOOM. 


Tactics to make all these new changes stick sustainably and with ease. We'll crack open old habits to make new ones, create ways to manage stress, maximize the relationship you have wth yourself and with others, and build more FUN into your life. 

My Signature Add-In Evaluation Tool

Using my signature Add-In Evaluation (AIE) tool, we're able to course correct together in real time and troubleshoot as you run into issues. 

Not only that, but one of my core beliefs is that change comes from adding in, rather than removing. Expecting you to do a total overhaul of your diet and lifestyle is completely unreasonable and sets you up to fail. 

Instead, we work together to figure out what small steps to add-in that will work best for you and fit into your life. 

Small changes = BIG results. 

ELEVATE is an exclusive 16-week experience for women ready to gain confidence, stress less and level up mindset and lifestyle.

Ready to find out if we're a good fit to work together? Apply below and we'll chat!

It isn't just about nutrition.

Food is an enormous piece of the puzzle, but the mind-body connection plays a huge role. 

Let's be real here: you aren't finding yourself at the bottom of the bag of chips night after night simply because they're nearby. 

There's a LOT more happening internally that has nothing to do with food, yet we blame external circumstances, weak willpower, or poor habits. 

This is why in ELEVATE we do a deep dive together into your mindest, your relationship with yourself, with others and with food, and take a look at key factors like energy and stress management, how much fun you have built into your life, and creating habits that actually stick and set you up for success.  

This stuff is important, because anyone can try a new diet for a few days. 

But we're going to be eating food for LIFE, and if that's going to go more smoothly than it has so far, we gotta dig past the food to figure out what's really going on. 

Accountability & Consistency

A built-in support system and regular calls, emails and communication to keep you on track and make changes as needed.

Daily Access to Emily

Unlimited emails Monday - Friday with 24 hour response time. I want you to be able to reach out anytime questions or issues come up!

More Energy and Joy

Two crucial elements that are woven into an ELEVATEd lifestyle so you can spend more time doing things you love.

Habits that Stick

Discover how to finally change old habits that have been weighing you down into new ones that feel effortless and easy. 

What You Get: 

Welcome packet with detailed questionnaire about your mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, relationships and what your goals are. 

*ONE - 90 minute call in the first week. 

*EIGHT (total) - 30 minute calls every other week

*Unlimited email access to me Monday to Friday, with 24 hour response time. 

*Email check-in from me every Friday to see what's working, what isn't, and next steps. 

*My Signature Add-In Evaluation tool. We work together to prioritize what to add-in for positive change, and evaluate weekly to make continued progress. 

*Customized plan for your nutrition and lifestyle. 

*Accountability and high-level expertise. 

*Your personal Body Blueprint Workbook at the end of program detailing the most impactful changes made. This is so you can see your personalized blueprint we have created together and refer back to it as needed, even after you have completed the program. 

ELEVATE starts as soon as you sign up!

Payment Options

US Pricing

SAVE $151 USD when purchasing in full

Four equal payments of $387 USD, paid monthly

Canadian Pricing

SAVE $191 CAD when purchasing in full

Four equal payments of $497 CAD, paid monthly

The discrepancy between USD and CAD represents the current conversion rate and is subject to change.

So how does this all go down?

Right off the bat, I want to get to know you and your needs, what has you stuck and work closely with you to figure out a plan specific to your body.  

Upon payment, you will be sent your welcome packet with a detailed questionaire. This allows me to get to know you better so that we can work together for changes that will give you the biggest impact.  

Week 1: Our first 90 minute call. Defining what YOUR healthy lifestyle looks, evaluating where things are for you currently and where you would like them to be. We do a deep dive into all things nutrition, hormones and digestion, figuring out what's working, what isn't, and what your goals are to start forming a customized plan.  

Then, we start to dive into the 3 main areas: Mindset, Body and Lifestyle.  

Each module is roughly 4 - 5 weeks, with overlap between the modules and adjustments made depending on the individual and where you may need extra support.  

Mindset comes first because it's the cornerstone of an ELEVATEd lifestyle. Then we're ready to dive deeper into the Body aspect, and finally Lifestyle. 

We'll chat on the phone for 30 minutes every other week, I will email you weekly with an updated Add-In Evaluation to see where you're at, and you have access to me at any time via email on weekdays.  

By the time we are done working together, you will know exactly what your body needs to function at its' highest level and how you can continue with your new habits and changes. 

Hear what Amanda has to say...


"My life has completely changed"

"Working with Emily has been the single best choice I've made for my health. I came to Emily seeking help getting my nutrition under control, but she taught me more than I could have ever expected, and because of her help my life has completely changed. Emily's approach is completely individualized, meaning she doesn't give pre-packaged answers you could find on any nutrition blog or website. 

She takes the time to learn all about YOU: your unique history, lifestyle, struggles, and goals. And the best part is, Emily has taught me how to do the difficult work of learning and listening to my OWN body so that I can take full ownership for the decisions I make about what goes into my body and what I do with my body. In just 10 weeks, I have learned SO much valuable information and put into place many strategies that have transformed my previously crazy life into a more balanced, enjoyable life full of wellness and joy!"

Amanda L. 

Hear what Debbie has to say...


"Solutions tailored to my lifestyle"

"I had been looking for ways to tweak my eating habits and exercise program. Emily’s upbeat and positive attitude is what drew me to her and and made me believe we would be a great fit. She took the time to listen to me and look into ways to help reach my goals. She is professional, highly motivated and has a wealth of information. She took some of my problem areas into consideration and helped to find solutions tailored to my lifestyle, changes that I could make and stick with. It has been a wonderful experience and I recommend her services. Thanks Em for being that positive little voice in my head."  

- Debbie H.

ELEVATE Your Mindset, Body and Lifestyle

ELEVATE is for the woman who wants to create healthy habits that she can take anywhere. No meal plans, no diets, no bullshit.

FINALLY get the answers to all of your nutrition and hormonal questions, and get those digestive issues in check with customized coaching and support. 

Maintain a positive, solution-oriented attitude throughout for the best possible results. 

Learn to manage your energy and stress so you can be fully present and engaged.

Limited spots available, and applications required to make sure we are a good fit before working together. This is an intimate program with a ton of 1:1 time and I want to make sure we're right for each other before moving forward. 

Or, you can continue with your same habits to get the same results and stay stuck. 

If you're ready to discover your own healthy blueprint without the confusion, deprivation, and all that moderation that doesn't seem to be working... book your call TODAY! Together, we will make your healthy a reality. 

ELEVATE is NOT for you if...

You are looking for a meal plan. Meal plans are not sustainable in everyday life and do a disservice to you becoming dependent upon them and not learning to stand on your own two feet and listen to your body. 

You are expecting perfection. This is a practice, and the more you experiment with what works for you, the more you will learn about yourself and how your body responds. 

You are not willing and able to commit. This program is detailed, customized, and is not for you if you aren't ready to be committed to make changes, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to move forward with helping yourself and your health.  

You are not open to change. Taking responsibility for yourself and owning your choices is a big piece of the mindset work we do in this program and is a major indicator of success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ELEVATE include meal plans?  

No, there are no meal plans. Each one of us is a unique individual and meal plans are incredibly restrictive and aren't sustainable in everyday life. Moreover, factors like hormone health and stress aren't taken into consideration when it comes to meal plans and I feel meal plans do a disservice to the client in that regard. For long term success, you need to know your own body and what works for you. That's why I've designed ELEVATE to have such a thorough process when it comes to taking all factors that impact your nutrition into consideration.

Do my calls carry over if I miss them during the four month period?

All calls are booked via my scheduler. What I find what works best, is we book your following call at the end of our coaching session if you need to change or cancel you'll do it directly through my scheduler. 

Do I have to pay the full amount up front, or are there monthly payment options? 

Yes, monthly payments are available. Just click the appropriate button or message me if you have questions! 

Why is there both US and Canadian pricing? 

While I reside in Canada, I work with clients internationally, and I've found that clients from outside Canada often prefer to pay in USD, so both options are available. The pricing structure is the same either way. 

What kind of info will I receive upon purchase?

You get your contract and welcome packet emailed to you as soon as payment is received (check your spam folder for the confirmation email just in case) along with access to my calendar so we can book our first 90 minute call! Contract will need to be signed and emailed back ASAP (can be signed virtually when opened on your phone). 

You'll also be receiving your first client info form so that I can learn a little more about you before we have our first call so I know where you're at ;)

When does the program officially begin? 

Immediately! You can fill out your intake/questionnaire as soon as you receive them in your email and you can get our first call booked in the calendar. 

Limited Spots by Application Only

The application process is necessary to make sure we are both a good fit. Due to the high access coaching in this program, it is important that your level of commitment is just as high as mine. I put my heart and soul into my coaching because I want you to reach your best health. But, we both know, I can't want it more than you - it has to be a mutual goal. Let's discover if we are the perfect fit and get you healthier than you ever imagined.

Fill out the application by clicking the button below and we will jump on the phone to chat! 

Payment Options

US Pricing

SAVE $151 USD when purchasing in full

Four equal payments of $387 USD, paid monthly

Canadian Pricing

SAVE $191 when purchasing in full

Four equal payments of $497, paid monthly

The discrepancy between USD and CAD represents the current conversion rate and is subject to change.

About your coach, Emily

A Holistic Nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I am all about helping you figure out how to make small, simple changes to how you eat and live in a way that leads to big results and actually works for real, everyday life. 

After spending years in the corporate world, I've decided to take the leap into the online space full time to take my passion for helping women change the way they live and finally feel confident in their own skin. 

My goal is to help women make the small, simple changes that lead to big results in everyday life. 

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and you can usually find me hiking trails, snapping photos, or tracking down ALL the dogs to pat! To follow these adventures or learn more, check out my website, Instagram and Facebook.