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The overwhelmed woman's guide to ease and reducing stress.

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You're tired of feeling stressed, stuck and anxious.

It's exhausting, and you know that you're capable of more, but you're having trouble remembering the last time you felt even remotely calm. 

Sometimes it feels like the stress is taking over, and showing up in all different forms: procrastination, feeling out of control, lying awake at night worrying, and totally scattered and unfocused. 

Chaos to Calm is a 5-day course delivered straight to your inbox and will walk you through awareness around your own stress and how it shows up in your relationships with yourself and others, some major mindset shifts, and specific adjustments and even one particular sentence to use with others when you're feeling so buried in stress it's hard to dig your way out. 

Once you've gone through Chaos to Calm, you're going to have a better understanding of the different (and surprising) ways stress can be triggered in the body, how to mentally check-in with yourself to see how stress is manifesting, and some of the self care activities (way beyond bubble baths and pedicures!) that you can implement on a regular basis.

With daily mini-homework assignments, plenty of examples and stories, along with additional resources handed to you, you'll walk away already feeling calm and with a better understanding of how to manage life's everyday stressors and super specific tips on what to do when you're feeling anxious. 

What You Can Expect:

Building Awareness  

Learning the unexpected ways that stress can be caused in the body, and practicing recognizing it in the body when it appears. 

Mindset Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk  

How we speak to ourselves matters, because our brain will end up adopting a constant stream of repeated negative thoughts towards ourselves as truth. Learn how to break that cycle permanently. 

Getting to the Root of Stress and Overwhelm  

Unpacking feelings of "not good enough," imposter syndrome, procrastination and feeling stuck. 

Specific Self-Care Tools to Reduce Stress and Anxiety  

Super simple practices you can build into your everyday life that will help prevent major stress from building up, and manage it when it appears. 

The Stories We Tell Ourselves  

Deciphering the way we can often jump to conclusions in a split second based on assumptions and mistake the story we tell ourselves as truth. 

Creating Stronger Relationships  

Whether it's with our loved ones or with ourselves, learning powerful communication tools will build more secure relationships.

Hi, I'm Emily Gough!

A holistic nutritionist and women's lifestyle coach, I'm also the founder of Emily Gough Coaching and host of the Room to Grow Podcast. I am passionate about teaching women how to step into their power, build confidence and stress less.  

I spent years stressed about everything I ate, always trying (and failing) to avoid certain foods and deprive myself. Combine that with being prone to negative self-talk, allowing chronic stress to take over and dealing with feelings of "not enough" on a regular basis, I had to start making some massive mindset changes to move to a better place. 

Watching loved ones deal with at times crippling anxiety and experiencing it myself, I wanted to start discussing mental health more openly. To my surprise, it seems to have struck a chord and I wanted to come up with some resources that could help you build awareness around your own mental health and give you some tools to add to your arsenal when you feel overwhelmed, stressed and life feels chaotic. 

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Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or medical professional. This course is not a replacement for counselling or seeking assistance for your mental health. Instead, it is meant to create awareness around the stress and overwhelm you might be feeling and provide some tools you can begin to use and familiarize yourself with to begin shifting your mindset and cultivating more calm and ease into your life. Full disclaimer here.